Where to Buy High Quality Motivated Seller Leads

High quality motivated seller leads stand at the core of any successful real estate investing business. It not only helps you to expand your business, but it also assists you in gaining a much needed visibility among potential investors. But in spite of their incredible benefits, generating real motivated seller leads can be quite challenging. This is primarily because they take a huge chunk of your time, effort and energy. So with this issue at large, what can be a viable solution to handle it? How does one generate real-time, motivated seller leads without compromising on the time or money?

Well, this is exactly where real estate lead generating companies come to play. All you need to do is visit their website, choose a package and the experts will handle the rest for you. Many real estate investors vouch by this option as they find convenient, simple and hassle free. In case you’re a real estate investor who’s in a similar situation- here’s a complete scoop on the best platforms that’ll offer you high-quality seller leads.

Fast Home Offer

When it comes to real-time and high quality seller leads- there’s hardly a better option than Fast Home Offer. Whether you’re a real estate investor who’s looking to buy homes for cash, or a real estate agent who can help a homeowner get their home sold right away – Fast Home Offers, comes with the best solution in either case. Being one of the biggest lead generation agencies of North America, the company has already helped several thousands of real estate investors who are looking for solid and consistent sales leads. The price is not affordable and real estate professionals across the globe can avail these services.

Need To Sell My House Fast is another leading company that gives you an accurate list of motivated home sellers in and around your location. This platform is perfect for both real estate investors and wholesalers who are willing to increase their business with high quality, result-generating leads.

All you need to do is visit their website and fill in a form listing the details of your business. Once you do this, the agents from the company will directly get in touch with you and sign you up for a program where you receive sales leads from thousands of real-time sellers every month. You can find more about their sales leads program here.


If you’re looking to make extremely profitable deals with high-quality, motivated seller leads- Zbuyer can be a great platform for you. The company gives you complete access to the contact information of thousands of sellers. You will be provided with the name, the address, phone number and everything else that you want to know about the concerned sellers. In addition to this, you will also be able to create private notes regarding the profiles and properties of the sellers. Once you sign up for the seller lead program, you will immediately receive text and email updates about the recently submitted seller details as well as the existing listings. The professionals here constantly update their database to specifically ensure that you are provided with accurate and authentic leads.

AssetColumn is a leading marketplace for the real estate investment community. Here, you’ll find the best seller leads along with additional details about anything you need to know about a concerned seller. Not only will you get to access the huge database of motivated sellers, but you’ll also get to know about the unlisted, discounted and distressed properties in and around your area.

Motivated seller lead marketplace

The company currently offers three membership options namely- free, starter and pro. The paid membership plans also come with a 14-day trial period. Visit to know more about the deals they offer.

In addition to these platforms, you will also find other marketplaces like WeBuyHouses, SellHouseFast, Homevestors that can provide you with high quality seller leads. However, unlike the listed platforms, these come with a high initial investment. So browse through your options, check out the features and finally zero in on a marketplace that offers the best motivated seller leads at a price you can afford.


Buying Real Estate At The County Auction

Before a property goes to auction, there are some events that are most likely to have taken place. One of such is that the homeowner refuses to pay his mortgage for several months which will prompt the bank to file a notice of default. When the bank files the notice of default, should the homeowner refuse to immediately pay the balance owed on the house or renegotiate the mortgage, the property can be put up for an auction.

Another reason a property can end up at an auction is if the home owner refuses to pay property taxes. If the tax evasion to State and local authorities become severe, then same can be seized by the State or Local tax authority for auction.



How to Determine the ARV of a House

ARV or After Repair Value is the improved price of a house after it is repaired. To come up with an accurate ARV, you need to take a look at recent sales of comparable properties (comps for short). For most novice real estate investors, they go to an extent of consulting real estate agents or asking their investors’ opinions. No one has most vested interests in your achievements as you do. Therefore, the better you start determining ARVs for yourself, the better you will become at buying right, selling cleverly and making more Profits. Here are the things to bear in mind when determining the best ARV. When evaluating the comps, the most important thing is to get your emotions out of the equation and reason like a appraiser. That is because ultimately when you sell the house, it will not matter about the contract value. What matters most is the improved value.

Finding Comps

The best place for finding logical comps is on the MLS. That is also another reason for getting yourself licensed and having access to the crucial MLS. If you cannot access the MLS then, you can find a licensed real estate agent who have the access to MLS and who can provide that information. You can also utilize online tools to make informed decisions when buying dilapidated properties to renovate and sell at a profit. There are plenty of independent home valuation websites like, and which can help you estimate the value of a home. Although these sites can give you a general idea of what a house is worth, you should never rely on just one site. It is better to visit a few of them and make sure the estimates agrees. Also keep in mind that these are automated system and can’t account for variables a human could easily identify by doing pulling comps and doing a comparative market analysis by hand



Real Estate Wholesaling For Beginners Investors

Real estate wholesaling is definitely one of the best and most popular strategies for budding investors to get involved with mainly because it can be done with limited experience and funds.

In real estate industry, wholesaling is a term used to describe the process of finding promising deal and getting paid for bringing them to real estate investors. It’s a sort of “finder’s fee,” but comes with some added paperwork thrown in to make it more acceptable and legal.’


Tax Liens

Investing in Tax Lien Certificates

A tax lien is usually levied on a property especially when a homeowner comprises and fails to pay county or local taxes related to a property. The taxing body/authority in such a situation will move and put the given property on tax lien. Once the tax lien has been levied; the tax body will then issue a tax lien certificate which can be bought by an investor who can be selected by several methods. Random selection can be made from those who have submitted a bid and other methods which can be sued to pick on a potential investor does include premium method, bidding down on the interest and bidding down on the ownership (click here to read more on the selection methods). By doing this tax authorities are better placed into finding monetary requirements which they can use to cover up for the given budget needs.



What Does Cap Rate Mean

Capitalization rate is an important concept of real estate investing. It is very common for newbies to misinterpret the concept or use it inappropriately. This article is intended to resolve that problem by providing an insight into what capitalization rate is, how it is calculated and how it is used.

Often referred to as Cap Rate, Capitalization Rate is the ratio of Net Operating Income (NOI) to the asset value of a property. In other words, a Cap rate is the ratio between the NOI an asset produces and the original capital cost. For example, if a residential building was listed for $2,000,000 and same generated a Net Operating Income (NOI) of $200,000 then the Cap Rate will be calculated as $200,000/$2,000,000 = 0.10 = 10%


What is a Net Operating income (NOI)?

Net Operating income is the annual income that an income producing property generates after deducting all the expenses incurred during operations from all income collected during operations. It is very easy to understand Net Operating Income. Net Operating Income is considered positive when operating income is higher than operating expenses and negative when operating expenses is higher than operating income. The essence of NOI is to measure the ability of a property/asset to produce an income stream from operation.

Example of Cap Rate
For example, if we are researching the sale of an office complex in Chicago, Illinois with a NOI of $500,000 and a sale price of $7,000,000 in the commercial real estate industry to calculate the Cap rate of this office complex, the formula is : Annual Net Operating Income / Cost or Value of the Building. In this instance, it would be said that the Cap Rate at which the building was sold is 7.1%.

Cap Rat Example

The intuition behind Cap rate is that it represents the percentage return an investor would receive on cash purchases. In the example above the implication of the cap rate is that for that particular building, an investment of $7,000,000 would yield an annual return of 7.1%

Cap Rate Vs Cash on Cash Return

The difference between Cap Rate and Cash on Cash Return is that a Cap Rate compares the purchase price at which a property was acquired to the income it generates. On the other hand, the Cash on Cash Return calculates how much money accrues on the actual investment made. In terms of determining the actual returns on your investment, what you focus on is the Cash on Cash Return.

When to use (and when not to) the Cap Rate

The Cap rate is very popular in the real estate industry. It can be very helpful in several scenarios. For example, when an Investor is considering the best option in several possible property acquisitions, the Cap Rate could be quickly used to determine which will be the best option. Another way a Cap rate can be helpful is when they form a trend. When you are looking at a Cap rate trend for like a few years, then the trend can provide an indication of where the real estate market in that location is headed. However there are times when relying on a Cap rate for a property acquisition can destroy an investor.

This example will provide a typical instance of when it will be fatal to use Cap Rate. It is the story of an investor who purchased a multifamily home that had four bedroom units. However, the property was located close to a University Community hence the real estate around the area was saturated by demands from students. The investor who bought the multifamily home immediately cleaned up the property and decided to cash in on the very high student demand for rooms to rent. Rather than rent out the house to an individual, he rented it out by the bedroom, one bedroom to one tenant.

The consequence of this is that the property generated higher revenues. The house generated a higher revenue of 40% due to the fact that it was rented out by the bedroom. The property was eventually sold to an Institutional Investor who had no idea that the Cap Rate of the building appeared on the high side but did not know that the property was being rented out on a one bedroom to one individual basis. The purchaser paid the purchase price for the home on the basis of the Cap Rate it produced and in the long run rented out the entire four bedroom unit to just one individual. The consequence of this is that the initial 40% increase in revenue generated by the home collapsed the moment the house became rented by a single Individual as a single unit. The lesson to learn from this incidence is that it is not at all times that an Investor should rely on the Cap Rate to determine if a property is worth investing in.

How to arrive at an accurate Cap Rate:

Big wigs in the real estate industry do not joke with the factors that needs to be considered to get an accurate Cap rate. They are as follows:

1. Use recent data from the area a property is located to determine the property’s value:
To get an accurate Cap Rate then the actual value of the property must first be determined. If you improperly assign value to a property, you can be certain that the cap rate will be wrong. When you are about to purchase a property, review recent data from the area the property is located in order to ensure that the value you assign to the property is the actual worth of the property. When you arrive at an actual worth of a property, whatever cap rate that you derive therefrom can be reliable.

2. Project future rent with rental rate history:
On the income side of your calculation of cap rate, the projected future rent of the property must be determined. When you overestimate future rent then you will arrive at a wrong cap rate.

3. Include all expenses when calculating NOI:
Another reason why your cap rate may be wrong is if you fail to include all expenses in the calculation of your Net Operating Income. This will produce an unreliable cap rate.